• SC532 - 9 Pin Peripheral To RS232 Interface
Campbell Scientific Inc.

General Description
The SC532 Peripheral Interface connects an IBM PC/XT/AT or IBM PS2 compatible computer to certain Campbell Scientific datalogger peripherals. Peripherals include SM192/716 Storage Module, SM64 Storage Module, SM4M/16M Storage Module, and MD9 Multidrop Interface.

Supply Voltage In: +6 VDC to 17VDC;
Factory installed AC to 7.5 VDC adaptor
Output Voltage: 5 VDC ± 0.2 VDC
Current available to peripheral on 5V output: 100 mA maximum at 25 °C; derate 4 mA/V for each volt above 9VDC on the supply voltage at 25 °C
RS232 Output Levels: +10VDC ± 1 VDC -10VDC ± 1 VDC Maximum output impedance = 1100 ohms
RS232 Input Levels: ± 30V maximum
Low threshold <= 0.8V
High threshold >= 3.5V
Input impedance at least 3000 ohms
9-Pin Inputs: Low <= 1V; High >= 3.5V
9-Pin Outputs: Low <= 0.5V; High >= 3.5V
Current Drain: 5 mA typical quiescent
10 mA maximum quiescent
Port Configuration: 25-pin D-Subminiature Female configured as DCE.
9-pin D-Subminiature Female connects to peripheral through the SC12 Two Peripheral Connector Cable supplied with the SC532.
Dimensions: 5.0 x 3.0 x 1.0 in
Weight: 1 lb (with transformer)

SC532 - 9 Pin Peripheral To RS232 Interface

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